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There is a total of nine dentistry subspecialties recognized by the ADA, and less popular prosthodontics is one of them. Prosthodontics focuses on the replacement and restoration of jaw structures and teeth using artificial parts.

A dentist who specializes in prosthodontics is called a prosthodontist. Their qualifications include completing an extra four years of training in prosthodontics. Prosthodontics programs are offered to equip the dentist with knowledge and skills to create and fix tooth replacements and understand the basics of achieving a good smile.

When do you need a prosthodontist?

You don’t necessarily need to go to a prosthodontics center just because you have a broken or chipped tooth. Prosthodontics is a pretty specialized field that deals with a special set of dental problems.

Also referred to as the architects of restorative dental treatments, prosthodontists work with other professionals in dentistry to restore teeth and mouth to normal aesthetics and functioning. They are experts in assessing and treating a vast spectrum of dental conditions such as missing teeth, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders, jaw joint problems, oral cancer, and congenital defects. The following are some of the services prosthodontists offer to treat these problems:

  • Crowns

  • Dental implants

  • Bridges

  • Veneers

  • TMJ treatments

  • Use of prostheses to correct congenital defects

  • Use of prostheses for full mouth reconstruction

  • Sleep apnea treatment

While prosthodontics is a bit more sophisticated and detailed than orthodontics and other related dentistry subspecialties, going to see a prosthodontist doesn’t always mean receiving extensive dental work. Most of the time, a simple and minimally invasive treatment will be administered to the patient after a comprehensive series of tests. An added advantage to this is that bigger issues can be diagnosed during the tests and problems encountered before they go full-blown.

If you have an issue that you think requires the attention of a prosthodontist, contact Gavrila Dental Prosthodontics in Chino Hills today to schedule an appointment with our seasoned specialist.