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Dental Bridges

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Bridges are known to be a quick, discreet, and fairly cheap way of replacing missing teeth, but can they be removed once they have been fixed?

The notion that dental bridges cannot come out is one of the reasons many people are reluctant to receive the treatment even when it is the most suitable solution for their problem. You see, most people consider bridges a decent temporary replacement for missing teeth while they buy time to prepare for a more permanent solution such as an implant.

The prospect of it being irremovable or complicated to remove, however, taints its reputation to people looking for a makeshift solution.

There are around five types of dental bridges and the patient may decide to receive a removable or fixed appliance depending on long-term plans and budget. So, there is the removable type of bridge, which is, well, removable, and the fixed type, which we are going to talk more about.

Can fixed bridges be removed?

The simple answer is, “yes, fixed bridges can certainly be removed”. Removal may, however, vary depending on whether you want it removed for good or removed, repaired, and cemented back. If you want it removed so you can replace it with another bridge, then the dentist will just drill it off. If you want it recemented, a special instrument will be used to carefully tap it off.

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An alternative approach with a lower breakage risk involves the use of a warmed wax-like wafer, which you will be required to bite down on before it is cooled down. On cooling, the wafer becomes hard and sticks on both the bridge and the opposite teeth. Your dentist will then instruct you to open your mouth quickly. This way, the bridge will come out together with the wafer.

Note that these methods do not always work, so it is important that the dentist examines your bridge before removing it for a more informed course of action. Contact our caring support team at Gavrila Dental today for inquiries about dental bridge removal and how to schedule an appointment with our dentist.