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Read the Dentist Reviews from Our Satisfied Patients

"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to be your patient. I always feel welcome and well cared for when I visit. No one can match the level of care and talent that you have. You have gone out of your way to make sure my implant was perfect! I couldn’t be happier. My smile is beautiful. Thanks a million."

Dr. Gavrila, you are the "BEST" of the best! Thank you so much for caring enough to take the time that was needed to do such an AMAZING job. Thank you for being such a perfectionist and not settling for less. You and your staff are greatly appreciated in every way imaginable.

"I’m writing to thank you for my beautiful smile. I feel so blessed to have found you. Not only are my restorations beautiful but, my overall dental health is the best it’s ever been my entire adult life.

I have always gone to the dentist but, my problems always continued and seemed unsolvable. I remember our first visit. I said to you “I give up” but, you didn’t give up on me. We started treatment and here I am today, standing taller and smiling with total confidence. My new smile wows me everyday! You have made me happier than you could ever imagine. Thank you."

I have been going to Dr. Gavrila for dental care for as long as I can remember..and even before that! Since childhood, she has taken wonderful care of my teeth, and now that I am older I realize how blessed I am to have been pointed in her direction for so many years. Each time I walk into her office, it feels like home. Her practice is organized and beautiful, yet comfortable and full of bright smiles to meet you upon arrival. I have complete confidence in her expertise, as time and time again she has proven her knowledge and dedication in my plan of care. Each recommendation and treatment I have received from or because of her direction has been a positive one, and at this point what she says goes for me. She is always on top of the latest technologies, and from her equipment to her presence in the office, everything is pristine. She leaves "no stone unturned", making sure things are done "right", even if it means taking more of her time and energy to meet my personal needs. She is top of the line as a doctor and professional, but more importantly highly values relationships on a patient level. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Gavrila.
Jessica B.

Thank you, my beautiful doctor. You have given me encouragement and confidence to so something about my rapidly deteriorating teeth. Whenever a new hurdle came up, you took the time to fully explain and evaluate. You let me know that you truly cared. Your dental expertise is just like you, perfection personified! Your ability to communicate procedures and handle your "Oh So Capable" office crew, is a delight to watch. The completion of my dental procedures brings with it much thankfulness, relief and an amazingly lovely smile. This new look is surprisingly important to me. I now look at what can be done and see many others who could benefit from your abilities. I have already been able to share your work and will certainly continue to do so.

"What started out as a simple exam and teeth cleaning, turned into a life changing experience that has forever changed the way I feel about my smile.

Being a Marketing Representative puts me in front of customers all day long, I never realized that I was constantly hiding my teeth. Oh, I knew that I hated my teeth and they have always bothered me, but I never knew what could be done to change my entire appearance. It also never occurred to me that my chronic neck pain, was due to an improper bite, which also led to extreme grinding.

Dr. Gravila and her staff completed a thorough analysis of my situation and went to great detail in explaining the entire process. She also took the extra time with my husband, so that he could understand what was happening and how we were going to correct the problems that took years to create.

Since I completed the procedure, I have never looked back or regretted the decision to have the work done. Although I still have to remember to smile big, it gets easier and easier everyday. People compliment me all of the time and want to know what I had done, as they cannot pinpoint what it is, just that I look fabulous!

Thank you again for your dedication, your quality of work, kindness, follo up and mostly for your keen sense of humor, when I needed it most. Dr. Gavrila you are a true perfectionist and I mean that in the best way

Keep doing what you love and are so fiercely passionate about, helping people look better and saving their teeth. You are truly a blessing and I am so glad that I found you."
Jo Elllen

At the age of 19 years old, I was in a car accident; lost my front tooth and cracked the other front tooth. At that time, I didn't even know what a dental implant was, so I had a bridge fitted, which included three front upper teeth. This bridge remained for approximately 25 years, but was not the highest quality or state of the art dental work, so I decided to have it replaced with an implant. This implant was completed approximately 10 years ago and served its purpose until recently, when I developed a gum infection that would not go away, regardless of the treatment provided.

I began to see Dr. Gavrila, and she suspected that the infection may have been related to an issue with the implant, and suggested that the dental work be redone. I was reluctant to replace the implant or crowns because of the high cost and the extensive work that needed to be performed. I waited two years in hopes that the problem would just go away, and in the meantime, tried other less invasive treatments, which did not alleviate the infection.

In November of 2015, I decided to begin the implant procedure and replace two crowns, and add a veneer to a fourth front tooth for aesthetic purposes. Dr. Gavrila completed the above mentioned work, which took approximately six months. Although it was expensive, it was well worth it. My smile and dental health are extraordinary due to the brilliant work of Dr. Gavrila. She cured the infection and created a smile and a healthy mouth that I will enjoy for the res of my life.

Dr. Gavrila is a perfectionist by nature, which is exactly what you want in a dentist. She ensures that every step of the process is completed to her exceptional standards, and will not do the work unless it is done with the utmost quality and care. Dr. Gavrila is my dentist for life, so for my sake, I hope she never retires.
Rebecca K.